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Out Of Character Information!
NAME;; Fang
AGE;; 21
JOURNAL;; Sangogrl41
AIM/YIM/MSN;; AIM: Kuramalover1080 & Fangdesu
EMAIL;; Kuramalover1080@aol.com


In Character Information!
CHARACTER NAME;; Fang (no last name)
CHARACTER AGE;; 14 but looks 18
FANDOM;; Maximum Ride
TIMELINE;; Book 3; Right after the pizza bomb goes off


Fang is about 6'2", tall for a normal fourteen year old boy but he was designed to fly and being taller helps with wing span, because of this fact a lot of people mistake him for being a lot older than he is. Because of his taller height he is also very skinny and probably weights no more than 100lbs, this is not for lack of eating though, since they have to eat an enormous amount to just keep up strength and energy to fly. His hair is normally in a stylish cut, but he doesn't have time to really maintain that look when he's on the run so it may be a little scruffier than intended. And with brown eyes to match his dark hair and skin he can be a real looker. Because of his background, there isn't a lot to go as to what Ethnic race he’s from, but he has been described as being at least half Native American, which explains his tan skin tone.

As far as the rest of his body is concerned - he has permanent indentations in his back that allow his wings to tuck away and be hidden. When his wings are fully extended his wingspan is approximately 14 feet long.

Fang is a genetic experiment. They (the doctors at the School) attached avian DNA to humans. So he has huge black wings that are actually part of his genetic make-up. His entire body is designed for flight; he has indentations in his back to tuck his wings in, an abnormally fast heart rate, lighter bones, air sacks, and larger lungs. Another ability he has that is unique to him is that if he stands still in one place long enough, he will blend into the area, basically camouflaging himself until he moves again.

As far as strengths go for Fang, he has increased speed and agility due to being so light thanks to his bird-like bones. But just because his bones are lighter does not mean that he breaks easily. In fact, when their bodies were designed, the doctors made their bones light weight but also tough as steel. In other words, you can keep kicking him down and he will continue to get up and keep fighting. To help with fighting as well he was also given the ability to heal faster. That way if they were injured they could heal and keep moving. However, it still takes time to heal. It is not instant, and the worse the injury is, the more time they may require to heal.

But with strengths come weaknesses. One of Fang’s is the fact that he is so light weight at times. Because of this fact, it has been shown many times that enemies, such as erasers, can easily bash him into a hard surface at quicker speeds than that of a normal person. Besides his weakness for Max, as well as being super claustrophobic, there isn't much else that has been shown to be a weakness for Fang.

PERSONALITY;; Fang is the tall, dark, and handsome stranger; the strong and silent type. Most of the flock knows him for being strong without saying much. But that doesn't mean he is above making snarky comments or come-backs. He is able to get his message across with gestures and grins or shrugs, but speaks up when asked to or when necessary. Being 4 months younger then Max, he is the second-in-command of the flock. His job is to make sure the flock is safe, and he takes it very seriously. Fang has a soft spot for the members of the flock, Angel being one of them; letting her keep a dog she found, even though it would be a hassle seeing as they were always on the run.

Out of the flock Fang is referred as being the strongest, though he has lost a few battles, one of those fights almost killing him and leaving him with a large scar on his side. Same as most of the other flock members, he can't stand small, cramped spaces such as cages or elevators. All of his skills and strengths aside, Fang is still a teenager. So being serious all the time is not going to happen. Looking at girls is also something he is not above doing. Fang is obviously crushing on Max, but still enjoys picking on her. Just like Max enjoys making playful comments to him. They kissed each other 3 times.

Fang is a member of a group that Max, their leader, calls the Flock. The Flock includes Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel. At first they live in a remote house in Colorado, hiding from Erasers, which are bloodthirsty dog mutants, made by scientists at the school, just like they were. While at the School, the members of the Flock had cruel scientific experiments done to them, and were only kept alive for the purpose of testing. Then one day, a scientist of the School named Jeb Batchelder helped the members of the flock escape the School and took them away from that place. Jeb spent two years in their safe house with the flock, taking care of them and teaching them how to fight. But one day, Jeb suddenly disappeared and the Flock presumed he was dead. So Max became Mama Max, and Fang became second-in-command. Living a relatively easy life, they go berry picking one morning. As they are picking berries, they are attacked by Erasers, one of them being Jeb's son, Ari, and Angel is kidnapped by the Erasers.

So begins the desperate hunt for the School and Angel, which ends in all of them being captured, save for Iggy and Gasman. While there, Max sees a familiar face… Jeb. It turns out that he was tricking them the entire time, and had never died. He’d simply returned to the school. Managing to escape their cages they take off, on the run once again. Heading for New York, they plan to take the School down. After showing their wings in New York, they escape and land on a beach, where Ari attacks and crushes Fang's face on a rock, which ended with Fang and Max sharing a kiss. The next morning, Fang is completely healed and they head back to the city. Finding an underground area of the sewer that is attached to the School, they find other experimental kids and creatures (including a dog they take with them, named Total) as well as some paper work on themselves. As they flee, they release the other captives on their way out and Max is confronted with Ari. In their fight, she grabs his head, producing a loud cracking sound. His neck broken, he falls to the ground. As the Flock fled Jeb runs out, screaming "You killed your brother!" After that, the flock heads to Washington D.C.

Ari, who they believed was dead, comes back to fight. He attacks and fights Fang, injuring him to the point where he has to be taken to the hospital just to live. While at the hospital, the doctors find out what they are and some government agents come in to question them. Max begins to see herself in the mirror looking like an eraser, but tries to push it aside. After Fang begins to heal, which is fairly quick, they go to live at the house of one of the agents, named Anne. While there, they get a good deal of down time and are able to relax a bit. However, Anne then informs them that they will be going to school - a real school for learning. All the while, they are trying to decode the notes they found in the underground compound, although each try ends in failure. As they go to school a girl starts to follow Fang around and even kisses him. So Max goes on a date with a boy from the school. On her date she sees Ari, and someone that looks just like her. One night watching the TV Max sees a show with parents describing their missing child, and the woman looked just like Iggy. After staking out the house they bring Iggy to meet the people, and they say he is their son, so they leave Iggy to be with his parents. But when they return Anne has a fit and then goes on about filing a missing kid report.

At school things went from bad to worse. After an assembly, Max enters a room she shouldn't have and is attacked. The flock finds out that the school is part of "The School."Returning to Anne's house they see it covered by erasers and even Jeb is there. Max has a small chat with them and then flies off, but not before Iggy rejoins them. His parents only wanted to make money off of the fact he was half bird and he decided to leave.

Reunited, they fly, trying to get away from their pursuers. While flying the "Voice" in Max's head continues to bother her about saving the world. Taking off to a beach before the other she begins to stab at her arm, trying to remove the chip. Only when Fang comes and grabs her does she stop. After that they make a short trip to Disneyland, but on the exit of Splash Mountain Ari was there to meet them. So before he saw them, they ducked away and flew off. A little while later they land in a swamp to rest for the night. After meeting two hungry kids, they give them some food and they pass out. But during Iggy's watch that morning they wake up and set off a homing pen. They learn about Itex from them, the name Angel said she heard about that wanted to blow up the world. But before anyone shows up the flock is off, leaving the kids behind. Landing in a car junk yard, they try to get a working car but can't. They then learn how good Nudge is with cars and they create a Franken-car, driving off.

Going to the Itex main building, they see that is doesn't look that grand and return to a motel. There Max is kidnapped and the clone replaces her. Though Fang can tell right away she is an impostor, he just plays along with it. Max herself is in a sensory deprivation tank at the Itex headquarters. While Max II and the others try to use their plan of breaking into Itex HQ, wanting to expose the company before they were captured and killed, it goes bad. Max having escaped by acting dead returns to the motel to gather herself before returning to save the others. As she arrives she sees the flock with Max II, Ari and Jeb, and chases after Max II to fight. After Angel sees Max is the real one, Max nearly beats the other to death but leaves her alive. Then Gasman sets off a bomb and they all escape.

A short time after escaping the team splits up. The girls and Ari (who is Max's real brother) fly to Europe ultimately ending up in Germany but are caught by Itex. The boys fly all over the US trying to escape 'Flyboys' which are mechanical Erasers, then end up in California and join a gang. The whole time, Fang blogs about it and tries to tell the world about them. At one point Fang gets a comment on his blog, that is from Nudge say where they are and what happened. Seeing they are in Germany they have to hitch a ride in the cargo bay of a plane, to get there. As Max is in a contest with Omega (super human) to see who is the better being, then a car crashes through the wall which is driven by one of the hundreds of teens Fang had talked to on his blog, with their help they destroy the building and save the girls, though Ari dies, his bar code showing up, meaning he was close to death.

After Ari's funeral, the flock is led by Dr. Martinez, Max's mother, and Jeb to Washington where they are offered a comfortable life and an education in return for service to the government. As they begin to settle down they receive a bomb, in the form of a pizza. After this, Fang becomes more protective of Max and they end up talking and kissing once again. Refusing the government offer, they leave Washington D.C. Even so, Max calls Dr. Martinez to check in. But they did learn from Jeb that he wasn't the voice in Max’s head, like they had all initially thought. While Jeb and Dr. Martinez were working on the issue with global warming, the flock was busy relaxing and camping. On one of their camping trips, Fang did what he normally does, standing still, when he suddenly disappears. The flock panics and yells for him, answering he moves and reappears. That was when Fang found out his random mutation. All this time Fang continues his blog, letting people know more about them. Max's voice then guides them to Dr. Martinez and tells them that they were going to save the world. They are told they are going to Argentina, but end up someplace much, much colder.

SAMPLE JOURNAL POST;; (Fang is a blogger at one point in the books, so he would assume a journal is a blog...)

So seems I have been caught... Again. I don't know where the others are at this moment. I'm not even sure where I am. If they meant to keep me captured, they are failing. From the look of the room, anyway. No guards or bars? Can't we do better than this? I mean, I have gotten out of places a lot more guarded then this.

I have tried to access my blog. But it seems I can only talk on this forum, so I would love to know where here is. Looking over the forums it is very clear there are lots of other people here, so I guess I get to talk to all of you. Does anyone have any ideas as to why we are here? Or better yet how we got here? Last thing I remember I was on a boat heading to Argentina. Help would be nice.



The room was... in a word, depressing. Not like it was anything he wasn't used to, to be honest. It was a lot better than the school, that was for sure. Dark eyes scanned the room for any sign of why he was here. Being on the run for so long had made him overly cautious, always planning ahead for a quick escape. Flight or fight, it was the way he and the flock lived. After reviewing the room, it seemed like a pretty basic room; not much to it really. It had a bed, desks, a wardrobe, a computer, and a bathroom. There were no guards at the door or bars on the door either, though the lack of a window was a little worrying. Without one, it made it hard to tell if it was day or night. Still, it looked like he had been kidnapped. But by who now?

Fang let out a sigh, as he brought his hand to the back of his head, rubbing his neck. Whoever it was they obviously didn't put much effort in guarding him. Underestimating him would be their big mistake. But if it was a kidnapping, why give him a computer? All he would have to do was post a message asking for help. This was all a little odd to him. Was the rest of the flock here too? The tall teenager stood up from the bed, his wings tucked in. Well if they were so kind as to give him a computer might as well use it, right? He sat himself in front of it. It was a rather old looking computer. Even if it was, it would still be of use. Typing on it, he tried to access his blog. But all he kept getting was one forum and nothing else. Reading over the forum, it looked like he wasn't the only one stuck here. What was going on?


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